on threat (hazard) to safety (operations), observed occurrence and operating matters that may affect safety

All sent reports are subject to PANH Helicopters Policy on Safety Hazard Non-Punitive Reporting: “The Company’s Management ensures that no measures will be taken against any employee who reports on a safety concern through the hazard reporting system, except where such report reasonably indicates wrongdoing, gross negligence and willful or malicious breach of rules or procedures”. If you for any reason cannot report your name or wish to remain anonymous, you can leave a report anonymously.

Reporting safety threat

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 General Director
 First Deputy General Director
 Director for Science, Quality and Safety
 Director for Flight Operations Management
 Technical Director – Chief Engineer
 Director for Operational Control and Flight Operations
 Director for Aviation Security
 Director for Domestic Sales and Marketing
 Flight Division Chief Pilot
 Flight Following and Dispatch Department
Note: All reports are also sent to Flight Safety Department